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What Type Of Work Do Masons Handle?

Masons specialize in constructing structures and other features out of concrete, brick, or stone. They use their knowledge to build everything from retaining walls and chimneys to patios, landscaping elements, or even structural walls for homes. With their help, exterior spaces can be transformed, turning a typical home into a showstopping property. Whether homeowners want to add a small accent wall, install a beautiful pathway, or otherwise enhance their outdoor space, hiring a mason is a great option.

Masonry work typically falls into three main categories: concrete, brick, or stone. Some masons specialize in one of these materials, while others handle all three.

Brick Masons

These professionals are often called “bricklayers” since they focus on installing different types of brick. Along with installing real bricks, they also frequently work with brick veneers. This type of work requires a lot of precision since the lines between the bricks are all the same. This makes any mistakes easy to see. Bricks are commonly used for applications like outdoor walls, patios, fireplaces, and chimneys.

Stone Masons

These professionals install natural stone, manufactured stone, and stone veneer. Some of the more common applications that call for stonework include exterior and interior walls, patios, and retaining walls. Since the stones are different shapes and sizes, these professionals need to have an eye for design, fitting the stones together perfectly to create an attractive look.

Concrete Masons

These professionals installed concrete blocks and poured concrete. Pouring concrete requires multiple steps. The process begins with setting up the forms. Once the concrete is poured, it needs to be leveled and carefully monitored to ensure that it cures properly regardless of the weather conditions. Metal reinforcements are commonly used to provide extra support. Projects handled by these professionals can include walls, sidewalks, columns, and driveways.

Veneer products are commonly used inside homes to create the look of brick or natural stone. Since veneers don’t weigh as much as real bricks or stones, the installation process is a lot simpler. It is also usually less expensive since it doesn’t use as many raw materials and the transportation costs are lower.

Chimney And Fireplace Masonry

Fireplaces create a beautiful focal point in any home – especially when they are surrounded by professional masonry work. This is one area where it pays to hire a pro. It is easy to spot the difference between their high-quality work and less expensive options.

Walkways And Patios

A mason can help you create an attractive, cohesive outdoor space through the use of patios or walkways that are made out of stone or brick. There are a variety of other landscaping enhancements that can be crafted out of these materials, as well, helping to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Retaining Walls And Garden Walls

Walls like these are commonly installed in yards that slope. They can be crafted out of real or artificial stone, concrete with a veneer applied to the exterior or brick.


The cost of having stone steps installed is approximately $2200 on average. Depending on the project, however, it may be as inexpensive as $1000 or as high as $12,000. Typically, brick steps cost anywhere from about $150-$300 for each step that is installed.

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