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Our concrete service company has spent years building up a dedicated staff that works tirelessly to make our customers happy. If you need work done on your sidewalk, patio, slabs, or driveway, we can promise you the highest quality of any business in your area. And best of all, we offer our best-in-class services at a reasonable price that won’t leave your bank account empty. We would love to work with you in all your concrete needs.

Garage Slabs

Depending on how big the vehicles are that will be kept in your garage, you may want slabs that are thicker or have added materials that increase its ability to hold weight. In general, garage slabs usually run about four inches thick, with the turndown edge at about one foot (12 inches). 

There are also multiple options for finishing the garage slabs. Here are the most common choices:

concrete pouring
  • Broom Finish – With this type of finish, you simply take a broom and sweep it across the concrete slab to help create a homogenous look across the slab. The broom leaves a nice-looking texture that also creates better traction and drainage on the slab.
  • Decorative Finish – If you’d rather not handle the finish yourself, you can purchase a decorative concrete slab for your garage. These generally don’t require much maintenance, look nice, and last a long time.
  • Hard Trowel Finish – Similar to the broom finish, in this method you use a steel trowel across the surface of the concrete slab. This increases the density of the surface of the slab and gives it a smoother finish.

What Problems Should You Watch Out For?

Our employees follow the latest standards and complete all of our work to the highest degree of quality and craftsmanship possible. We also are in constant contact with our suppliers to ensure that the materials going into your concrete slabs are going to live up to your needs and last long.

With that said, even the best concrete work can contain small imperfections that grow and get worse over time and weather. In fact, there are many factors, both natural and man-made, that can impact the quality of your concrete slab over time. 


Here are some of the most common problems you’re likely to run into over the course of your concrete slab’s life:


  • Settling And Shifting – One of the most important parts of the installation process for a concrete slab is putting in work to make the slab as stable as possible. No matter how much you do, though, these heavy slabs will inevitably shift and settle over time. Since this is completely out of our control, our warranty does not cover damage to your slab due to shifts or settling.
  • Cracks – While our concrete slabs are designed to last, the reality of concrete is that it develops cracks over time.  As long as the cracks in your slab are less than half an inch, they’re to be expected and shouldn’t cause major problems with continued use of your concrete slabs.
  • Discoloring – There are a lot of aspects of concrete creation that we can exercise control over, but one that is really out of anyone’s control is the color of the concrete. Each batch of concrete is a little different, and once the concrete is laid out and exposed to wear and tear from the elements, changing color is likely. As such, discoloration is not covered by our warranty.
  • Popping Or Flaking – As your concrete slab is weathered over the years, it’s expected that portions of the slab may flake, turning into stones or rubble. This is normal and shouldn’t be considered a problem unless the popping is happening across more than 20 percent of the surface of your concrete slab.

When you choose to work with Waterbury Concrete Service company, we guarantee that you’re going to get the most dependable, experienced, and diverse set of engineers that you can find in this area. Call us for a free estimate on our services today.

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