Concrete Sidewalk Contractor in Waterbury CT

When choosing a concrete contractor to install a sidewalk in Waterbury, look no further than the professionals at Waterbury Concrete Services. Over the years, our commitment to customer service has earned us a stellar reputation. We work around your schedule, offering convenient hours that include weekends. We also are available around the clock to handle emergencies.

Concrete Sidewalks For Your Home In Waterbury

In Waterbury, the popularity of concrete sidewalks can be attributed to many different factors.

  • For one thing, concrete is relatively inexpensive. This is especially true when compared to other materials that are commonly used to create sidewalks or walkways.


  • It is also extremely versatile. Since it is viscous when it is poured, it can be molded into just about any shape, allowing you to create everything from standard straight sidewalks to beautifully curved walkways.


  • It provides superior durability when compared to other materials that cost about the same to install. Tough and long-lasting, it is capable of standing up to the rigors of everyday use.


  • Its maintenance requirements are practically nonexistent. As long as you keep it clean and repair any small cracks that appear, it can easily last for decades.


  • In terms of its appearance, it can be made to look like many other materials through decorative techniques like staining and stamping. Whether you want to create the look of brick or natural stone, the right finishing techniques can completely transform the way that it looks, adding beauty to your home’s exterior.

There are many reasons why concrete stairs are a superior choice to any other options when it comes to an access solution. The major reason is, of course, the superior strength and durability of concrete material. Not only can it bear heavy loads but it is also able to withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. Concrete stairs can last for decades without rotting like wooden stairs or needing repair. Tailored to your individual bespoke requirements they can provide your space with a beautiful aesthetic feature.

Why Does Concrete Crack?

Many different factors can contribute to cracking in concrete.

Failing To Install A Base Made Out Of Crushed Stone

Installing a sturdy base of crushed stone can minimize the risk of cracking when dealing with concrete slabs. This type of base helps prevent problems like movement of the soil or the subgrade being negatively impacted by water.

Not Adding Control Joints

When concrete slabs are poured, special lines are tooled or cut into the surface. Instead of preventing cracking, joints like these are designed to determine where any cracks will occur. This provides greater control over future cracking.

Failing To Add Construction Joints

When two slabs are poured next to each other, construction joints are used to connect them. If these joints are not added, the slabs could come in contact with each other. Not only could this lead to cracking but it also could create an uneven surface, causing a tripping hazard. 

Using The Incorrect Mix Design

When mixing concrete, many factors need to be taken into account including the temperature, the water content, and the air. To ensure that the mix design is correct, always use a reputable concrete company.

Waterbury Concrete Services is the go-to resource for concrete services in the Waterbury area. Take advantage of our experience, commitment to customer service, and knowledgeable staff by contacting us today to get a free quote.

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