Concrete Resurfacing in Waterbury CT


Concrete flooring needs to provide you with the performance you need, no matter what. While properly installed concrete systems can last for decades, basically there are two types of concrete that will need resurfacing sooner rather than later – concrete that has cracked or concrete that is about to crack. This is where Waterbury Concrete Services resurfacing systems come in.


As a super-affordable option for residential, industrial, and commercial properties, concrete resurfacing is available for everyone. Below we set out just a few of the many applications of this method of using concrete:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Educational facilities as an affordable solution for damaged concrete at these institutions
  • Pool decking as a solution to delicate concrete slabs


Concrete resurfacing is an ideal way to freshen up any residential, commercial or industrial property. It is also the most affordable way to ensure that your floor keeps working for you.


When stress cracks start to appear on your driveway it is time to have it resurfaced before the slab becomes unrepairable. After completion of the process, a window of opportunity opens up for customization.


A patio is where most people spend time to relax and entertain guests. As soon as your patio starts to show signs of wear and tear it is best to have it resurfaced. The resurfacing process will open up a whole new world of patio customization. Overlays are designed to be trowelled directly onto the material used when resurfacing concrete.


Pool decks usually don’t have a covering which leaves them exposed to the full force of the weather. If your pool deck is faced or showing signs of cracking our resurfacing contractors are ready to help you make your pool deck beautiful again. The concrete surrounding a pool is usually in touch with very fragile components of the pool, making it a very risky process to remove it. With concrete resurfacing you won’t have to worry about the vital components of your pool being damaged from ripping up the concrete.


Sidewalks are subject to almost as much traffic as driveways making it very susceptible to damage. Many people treat driveways and sidewalks with salt in the winter. This harsh treatment can decrease the strength of the surface. Concrete resurfacing is an ideal solution for damaged sidewalks.


Garage floors are subject to harsh components like gas, oils, and chemicals on a daily basis. If your garage door does not have a protective coating it will start to deteriorate rapidly. If you notice cracks, gouges or divots appearing on the floor of your garage it may be time for concrete resurfacing.

At Waterbury Concrete Services our expert engineers are standing by to provide you with the highest standard of concrete services. Make us your first choice for all your concrete needs in Waterbury. For a free estimate give us a call today.

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