Concrete Foundation in Waterbury CT


At Waterbury Concrete Services we take pride in the exceptional work delivered by our professional foundation contractors. We are able to handle all sizes of projects in Waterbury, CT and you can count on our expertise and experience to install a durable foundation capable of supporting the structure of your building for decades.


As a primary element of any structure, a foundation’s purpose is to connect the entire structure of the building to the ground. The foundation also plays a critical role in the stability of a structure by distributing the load over a large area in order to avoid overloading in certain sections. Concrete provides great strength to foundations as it is a durable building material. This factor is vital in the construction of a stable building. Concrete foundations are strong enough to last for decades.



T-shaped foundations are a classical type of foundation used primarily in areas where the soil is prone to freezing. Walls are built on top of a footing that is built below the maximum depth of the ground where the soil does not freeze. The footing in T-shaped foundations is built wider than the walls in order to provide extra support at the base. When building a T-shaped foundation, the footing is placed first before the walls are constructed and poured and finally the slab is poured.


In this method, the concrete slab is poured onto the ground instead of being supported by a footing. The slab edges of the foundation are kept thicker than the rest of the foundation to provide stronger support for the entire structure of the building. Slab On Grade Foundations are not suitable for all kinds of soil or regions as the concrete comes in direct contact with the earth. Typically this type of foundation is more suitable for areas with warmer climates where the ground does not freeze over in winter. They are also more vulnerable to flood conditions.


With a Raft Foundation, the entire structure rests on a single slab of concrete. Whereas Slab On Grade Foundations have a base slab that only supports the lower part of the building’s weight, Raft Foundations are designed to support the weight of the entire building.  Columns are used to transfer the weight from the upper floors while the lower part of the structure is supported by the slab itself. The slab can also be reinforced with ribs or beams directly built into the foundation. Raft foundations are usually used in areas where the soil-bearing capacity is of especially poor quality. 

Our concrete foundation contractors are keen to review your project in order to find out how you can benefit from our services. Whether you are building a new shed or designing a custom home, our foundation specialists are up to the challenge.

With our extensive background in concrete work and our experienced engineers who are willing and able to go the extra mile, Waterbury Concrete Services should be your first choice when it comes to concrete foundations. Call us today at 203-496-4894 and we will give you a free estimate on your concrete requirements.

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