Concrete Curbing in Waterbury CT

Concrete Landscape Borders

Making your home’s landscape look beautiful and unique can be a challenge, but one simple method to improve your property’s aesthetics is to add curbs and borders. These additions may seem small, but they can help bring your look together and add a special touch to the vision you have for your house.


Why Is Concrete Landscape Curbing A Good Idea For You?

There are many different options for adding curbing to your landscape, but most of those options share one frustrating quality: They rust or break down over time, requiring constant repair or replacement. Concrete landscape curbing provides a more reliable option that will last as long as you want.

How To Install Landscape Borders


  • Step One: The sod along the borders must be cut along with other preparations that will get the ground ready for the curb to be installed.
  • Step Two: The concrete must be mixed in a special trailer. This is also where color is added to create the look that you want. Initially, the mixed concrete will look like wet sand, but don’t worry; it will look better once it’s all set.
  • Step Three: The mixed concrete is transported to the site and put through a machine that then spits it out onto the ground. If done correctly, this will form a lovely border curb for the landscape

Will An Existing Edge Impact My Landscaping?

During the installation process, any existing edge for your landscape will be removed along with around nine inches of sod. The new concrete curb that’s put in should then go up against whatever edge was there already.

Can I Mow Right Up Against My Concrete Curbing?

You absolutely can! Concrete will not be damaged by your mower’s blades, and, likewise, the blades should not be damaged by the concrete. You’ll be able to mow as close to the curbing as you can.

At our business, we put in the effort to guarantee that you’re happy with your new concrete. Call us up today at 203-496-4894 and take advantage of our years of experience and expertise. We’ll even give you a free estimate.

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